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In Peru’s Brush with Autocracy, Lessons for the United States

"By the time I left the country in late 1996, I had started to realize that the government I had voted for had become an organized criminal enterprise, devoted to perpetuating its hold on power and lining the pockets of its members, while trampling on basic rights. The country maintained a veneer of democratic legitimacy, but it was really a kleptocracy run by a strongman."

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U.S.: I was scared of the FBI with Comey in charge. I’m more terrified now that he’s been fired.

"Trump’s firing of Comey risks that independence.... The last thing that the FBI needs is someone in charge who answers to the president."

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Deadly Aid

"It's time for USAID to take bold steps, and make sure its aid programs are used to prevent atrocities, not to promote them."


PERU: Our Own Strongman

"Standing in the packed courtroom annex as a Supreme Court panel this week sentenced the former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori to 25 years in prison for two massacres and two kidnappings, I had mixed emotions. As a human rights advocate who has pressed for Mr. Fujimori to be tried, I rejoiced in this once unthinkable moment. Sitting next to me were relatives of massacre victims, listening solemnly to a verdict that took over three hours to read. At the same time, I worried that people would forget how we got here."

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COLOMBIA: Testimony before the US House of Representatives

Ms. McFarland testified before the Committee on Education and Labor at a hearing examining workers' rights and violence against labor union leaders in Colombia on February 12, 2009.